What we do


Our main focus is on developing your business and delivering a return on your marketing investment. We will always use the right medium for the right job and we’ll feedback on how things are going. It’s fantastic seeing your name in lights but it has to deliver the right results for you and this is how we can do it.

Business Development

We will work with you to develop a business development strategy that meets your targets and expectations for growth. We can help you identify new business opportunities as well as potential areas for further penetration of your existing client base. Once those are established it’s about opening the channels of communication, getting in front of the key decision makers and building strong relationships. Ultimately, the aim is keeping your brand in the forefront of their minds, so that when an opportunity arises, yours is the business they turn to.

Social Media Management

Although a relatively new phenomenon, social media is rapidly turning into a vital part of the modern marketing mix. Managing a flexible presence on each of the “Big Three” (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), has become a must for any company striving to connect with their customers.

Social Media allows you to:
• Showcase your brand.
• Develop a loyal community of prospects.
• Enhance your company’s reputation and trustworthiness.
• Increase digital exposure, boost traffic and search engine ranking.
• Expand sales and reduce marketing costs.
• Communicate instantly with existing and potential customers.
• Receive instant feedback on your product/service.

Imagine having a target audience that follows your social media platforms, who are active and reachable at almost any time of day. Your messages could be read by potential customers on the train, in their offices, on lunch breaks, in the car, on holiday and much more. We can help simplify and manage your social media presence, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Channel Marketing

Whether you are marketing to your channel partners, with them, through them, or a combination of these we can offer tried and tested solutions that deliver tangible results.

Through carefully targeted promotional campaigns we can raise your profile and strengthen relationships with your most profitable sellers, building loyalty with incentives and motivational support.

Alternatively you could challenge us to engage the attention of your least effective channel, providing them with the support they need to drive sales and profits.

Direct Marketing

If you are looking for accountability and instant results then the personalised messages, response mechanisms and incentives of a direct marketing campaign are ideal. We can help you get straight to the customers you want to appeal to with a message to suit them.

Through close data analysis, we can build profiles of your customers, identify the hottest prospects and deliver a compelling message to them via the most appropriate medium.

From traditional print-based mail campaigns, fliers and display ads to newer technology-based media such as mobile messaging, interactive consumer websites and emails, we will find the most cost-effective and successful method for your requirements.


Although advertising has taken a bit of a back seat since the arrival of mobile technology and social media, it can still be used alongside these rookies to play an important role in brand building and awareness.

Used in isolation it could become an ineffectual drain on your marketing budget, but that’s where we can help. We can establish the most effective ways to integrate it into your campaigns and how best to use it to your advantage, offering a complete service including media planning and buying (offline and online), advertising design for print, website design and build, and SEO.

Media Relations

Often overlooked in the marketing plan, Media Relations is a powerful yet cost-effective way to maximise exposure of your brand and messages. Working closely with the editors of newspapers, trade publications, television and radio channels, amongst other media, you can convey positive messages about your company and products to your audience.

If the media is an unknown quantity or you simply don’t have the time to give Media Relations the attention it requires then we can manage it for you – planning PR campaigns to support and enhance your marketing plans, identifying ‘newsworthy’ stories that will be picked up by editors, creating and distributing press releases, handling media enquiries, arranging media training and crisis management.

Sales and Promotion

Once your marketing has attracted the attention of your target audience you need to persuade them to buy.

We can help you boost consumer sales of a product or service through a host of effective point-of-sale promotions such as price deals, free samples and loyalty schemes.

Converting enquiries and leads into sales from commercial or trade customers often requires personal interaction.

We can help arrange exhibitions, customer conferences, events and road-shows to showcase your products and services. If a trade-specific incentive or promotion is required then we can exploit our experience in planning and executing successful campaigns, including training and motivation of staff.

In all instances, we are keen to deliver a sales strategy that integrates with and is supported by the marketing plan and we work closely with our customers to ensure that your targets for both are linked, achievable and measurable.

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